Gift giving is a beautiful custom. But intentions can easily go awry when gift givers forget the occasion and the needs of their recipient. For graduation, remember three sacred rules of thumb:

  1. Make it personal.

    Graduation is a milestone moment perfectly suited to make a personal connection. Say you’re proud. Say you thought about it. Say you cared enough to get it monogrammed.

  2. Make it packable.

    This is not the time to gift that life-sized panda bear or hand down grandma’s armoire.

  3. Make it money.

    Whether they’re going to a job, on a gap year, or to college on a full-ride scholarship, most grads need cash. In fact, depending on the study you believe, 55 percent to 90 percent of grads list cash as their preferred gift.

So how do you get all these ‘musts’ wrapped with one bow? The experts at Money Magazine and Grown and Flown have some ideas.


  1. Grown and Flown April 27, 2014 at 5:23 am - Reply

    Becky, you have expertly boiled down graduation gift-giving with these three excellent points. We so appreciate that you sent your readers our way to look at our gift ideas where there are definitely no armoires!

    Thank you so very much, MD and L

  2. Moving For Love April 29, 2014 at 8:27 am - Reply

    Great post! If it’s a personal & packable gift, it’s pretty much guaranteed to go with them instead of being left behind at home. If moving out of the city, you can also get them gift cards to restaurants, stores etc. in their new area. Relocation services are also available through our company to get your graduate safely and easily settled into their new home.

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